Our Company

SDS is the leading provider of safety consulting, inspection, and rescue services across Canada. We make safety a competitive advantage by prioritizing your company's safety program and creating safer spaces for your team to thrive. Our team of safety professionals is prepared to handle the country’s most difficult safety challenges.

Our Mission

To effectively communicate and implement safety strategies that save lives, provide a safe environment for workers, and ensure our clients are in compliance with Ministry of Labour safety requirements.

What sets us apart?

SDS is proud to be a SafetyCo company

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Our Team

William (Bill) Glover P.GSC, CHSO, NCSO

Bill Glover, President and CEO of SDS has more than 30 years safety experience in the construction and industrial sectors with award winning safety statistics on multi-million/billion dollar projects.

Bill started SDS in 2007 simply from a constant and growing demand for qualified safety personnel and training within Ontario. With his background working on many diverse projects, Bill has been able to mentor SDS employees in order to provide clients with reliable and full safety services. He is dedicated in helping clients with all safety requirements, when and where they need it.

Bill is the Senior Safety Consultant at SDS and oversees all on-site employees. He works closely with clients, ensuring they are being provided all safety requirements needed for successful safety strategies on their projects.

Mike Harrison Site Inspections Manager

With extensive experience in inspecting, advising, and consulting for the nation’s most prominent companies, Mike is quickly becoming a leader in safety inspection. As Inspection manager at SDS, Mike leads the team to deliver thousands of site inspections annually. He is an integral part of the professional development and industry relations activities at SDS. Mike Harrison holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety from Conestoga College.

Nathan Chow Confined Space Rescue Manager

Nathan is a safety professional with extensive experience in rescue service management. He’s been recognized as an expert in rescue plan design, execution, and oversight. As Rescue Manager at SDS, Nathan is in charge of leading the management of the rescue team, developing client relationships, and training new professional talent.

Stephanie Sicluna Operations Manager

Stephanie is an accomplished operations manager with experience in Health and Safety Administration and HR. She has been recognized for her expertise in coordinating complex safety organizations. At SDS, Stephanie leads office management, HR, and public relations. Her ingenuity and perseverance make Stephanie an integral part of the company's culture and a trusted go-to source for the SDS managerial team. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Psychology from York University.


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