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SDS’s highly qualified safety professionals and rescue technicians have experience working with safety cultures from diverse industrial and construction sectors and take a “hands on” approach to implementing safety procedures. We honestly believe that our commitment and approach to execute safety strategies makes a significant difference in contributing to the success of our clients’ projects.

SDS Mission Statement

To effectively communicate and implement safety strategies that save lives, provide a safe environment for workers and ensure our clients are in compliance with Ministry of Labour safety requirements.

What sets us apart?

  • Our Safety Consultants, Safety Managers, Safety Officers, Safety Trainers and Rescue Technicians are highly qualified and demonstrate excellent communication skills in order to successfully execute safety requirements laid out in the scope of work.
  • SDS Safety Auditors provide clients with professional, electronic safety inspection reports with digital pictures showing progress and workers compliancy. We work closely with our clients to solve any non-compliance issues.
  • We are experienced with safety regulations for a multitude of trades and are able to understand the building process in both construction and industrial sectors. With this knowledge it allows us to communicate effectively with all trade personnel and to reduce union issues that could lead to work place grievances.
  • We effectively speak on both upper management and worker levels and believe proper communication is the key to prevention.
  • Our qualified staff and resource of highly trained safety and rescue professionals, allows us to provide safety personnel for such a diverse field - ICI sector, Power Plants, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Nuclear, Mining, Tunnelling, Oil, Gas, Infrastructure, Health Care Facilities, Residential and High Rise.
  • Being safety professionals for over 30 years allows us to build a rapport and working relationship with MOL (Ministry of Labour), MOE (Ministry of Environment), WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board), MOH (Ministry of Health) and all emergency services.
  • When our clients need us, we’re there.

Why hire Safety Design Strategies for your construction or industrial safety needs?

Here are some of the reasons our clients benefit from using Safety Design Strategies's professional safety staffing strategies

Labour is the biggest cost for your project.

Safety Design Strategies provides trained safety specialists when you need them and only when you need them. SDS looks after all costs associated with processing and administrating payroll and benefits allowing you to improve your bottom line, improve production and alleviate the need for unemployment claims.

Direct hiring procedures takes up a lot of your time

Safety Design Strategies has built a resource of qualified safety specialists for construction and industrial that are available immediately to fulfill your safety needs.

Hiring the wrong person can cost a tremendous amount of money

Safety Design Strategies finds the right safety personnel for your construction or industrial requirements. SDS's management has over 30 years experience in construction Safety Management to know how to recruit the right person for you. Safety Design Strategies follows rigorous screening procedures to ensure your safety requirements are met by the right candidate.

Safety training is an expense that affects your bottom line

Safety Design Strategies provides both temporary and permanent personnel with up-to-date safety requirements that are suited to your needs.


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Why Choose Safety Design Strategies?

  • Cost Effective
  • Value Added Benefits
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions
  • Qualified, Experienced Safety Professionals
  • Effective Communication
  • Reliable, Accessible & Worry Free
  • 24-7 On Call Rescue Teams
  • Confident, Positive, Safe Environment
  • Professional Training Courses
  • Proven Award Winning Success

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Our Testimonials

  • Safety Design Strategies helped us as a small company, implement company safety policies and programs, along with meeting all due diligence requirements for a large client. I feel as we grow and implement all safety needs for our commercial / residential and industrial projects, SDS will be there for us. — Chart Construction (Owner)
  • On behalf of Kolostat Canada, I would like to thank Safety Design Strategies for all their efforts and support. They were able to assist in completing a very time restraint project and with the pressure of OPG’s 76 safety staff members overseeing all aspects of the work and the M.O.L. office across the street. We were able to complete the project on time and all inspections were graded A+. — Kolostat Canada (Manager of Operations)
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